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Implants function as artificial tooth roots. Screw-like implements made of titanium or ceramic firmly attach crowns or prostheses, offering a secure and long-lasting solution for your individual tooth replacement. The compatibility of dental implants has been secured for decades.

Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Implants not only replace single teeth or bridges, they are also often used to stabilize a prosthesis in a toothless jaw.

The process of getting implants and possible alternative treatment methods are discussed with the patient during a thorough follow-up assessment.

Three-dimensional x-ray images of the jaw are taken to determine the right position and the spacing available for an implant.  The 3D image constructs a vivid map of the patient’s mouth and enables the dentist to exactly assess bone structure and nerve locations.

If you don’t have enough bone to support an implant, a bone augmentation may be necessary.

Depending on the situation, the implants are placed either conventionally or computer-guided with a splint.

The intervention is carried out under local anesthesia and is completely painless. Oral surgery is performed in the sterile environment of our own treatment room.

A dental implant is a screw that is surgically positioned into the jawbone. Afterwards, the gums are closed with several sutures. Healing time depends on individual jawbone quality.

When the implant has firmly integrated with the bone, impressions are used by the dental technician to fabricate crowns for tooth replacement.

Excellent care of your implants is crucial for their longevity. We will give you the right post care instructions for your dental implants and recommend regular control appointments.

Implant placement procedure

  • Consultation and diagnosis
  • Local anesthesia for pain-free treatment
  • Opening of the gum with small incision or punch
  • Implant placement
  • Stitching of gum tissue wound
  • Sutures removal after one week
  • Individual healing time
  • Implant preparation

Types of dental implants

  • Titanium implants
  • Ceramic implants
  • Closed healing (implant heals under closed gum)
  • Transgingival healing (implant is not covered with soft tissue during the healing phase)

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