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Prevention is better than cure. A thorough prophylaxis, that is regular oral hygiene check-ups are essential for the prevention or the identification of dental and gum disease symptoms at an early stage. Precise oral hygiene instructions prepare for a proper dental care at home.

Clean, white teeth and fresh breath are preconditions to improve your health and make a good impression.

We are happy to offer professional advice on how to maintain a good oral care routine by giving recommendations for toothbrush type and toothpaste that fit your specific needs. Our prophylaxis assistants also give valuable tips as regards the right interdental cleaning with floss or interdental brushes. Each prophylactic session includes a preliminary comprehensive dental exam to determine what kind of treatment is necessary. Professional dental hygiene treatments start with the careful removal of the hard and soft deposits. After the dental hygienist thoroughly cleans the area above the gum line to rid it of plaque and calculus, a final polish with special pastes will be applied to strengthen the enamel surface. Simultaneously, the patient is instructed what it takes to prevent the buildup of plaque. A very common condition in which ongoing inflammation of the gum cause the formation of deep pockets is known as periodontitis and requires special therapy.

Our periodontists and prophylaxis assistants are able to detect signs of the disease at an early stage by performing a special gum assessment.

Dental prophylaxis procedure includes:

  • Diagnostic assessment based on a Periodontal Inspection (PGU) to evaluate treatment needs
  • Determination of bacterial index
  • Oral hygiene training
  • Local anesthesia of the gum tissue either by applying a gel or with needle injections for extra sensitive areas.
  • Cleaning
  • Polish and fluoridation

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