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Periodontal surgery

If you have already received conservative periodontal therapy but still have gingival pockets remaining, surgical treatment may be needed to eliminate inflamed gum tissue. Periodontal surgery is often considered the only option to successfully treat a tooth.

Basically there are two surgical procedures available to eliminate gingival pockets. One method aims at the reconstruction of lost bone tissue requiring considerable effort that involves bone substitutes and special membranes. Resective procedure options are employed to remove inflamed tissue and to get rid of infections.

The treatment options in periodontal surgery are determined by the type of deficiency, and augmentation might not always be suitable. The success of periodontal therapy depends in part on the surgeon’s skills but also on the defect’s morphology. Whatever the chosen procedure, neither treatment shows significant advantages over the other; and if carried out successfully, both options have an equally good prognosis.

Preconditions for Periodontal Surgery

  • Preliminary conservative treatment
  • Patient compliance
  • API below 20%
  • Oral health training

Indications for Periodontal Surgery

  • Improved access for root debridement
  • Attachment win
  • Reduction of pockets
  • Correction of mucogingival problems
  • Better cleaning (tunneling)

Types of Periodontal Surgery

  • Resective
  • Regenerative
  • Tunneling
  • Radioectomy
  • Hemisection
  • Recession coverage
  • Surgical crown lengthening

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